Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Lovin'!!

Nothing says summer (at least to me) like buzz cuts!!

I tell meyself every year that I won't cut their hair too short, but then I can't resist!!

My Mike and Aaron look "like Daddy" , as they say! Their dad keeps a very short cut! I like rubbing my hands across their heads with their soft chicken fuzz!

Looking forward to working in the garden tonight, IF the rain will stop!! My tomatoes and pepper plants are looking AWESOME!! So excited to eat fresh, homegrown produce!


  1. I love their hair boy...loves shaggy hair! I gave him a buzz cut 2 years ago...he cried for hours and hours!
    "I look like my dad!"...who is bald! :)

  2. The buzz cuts look good. Thanks for being a new follower. I'm excited to learn more about you too. And congrats on losing 50 pounds! You must feel great inside and out.