Monday, April 22, 2013

Baseball and Earth Day

Baseball started this weekend for my nephews Brian and Brody! I love it! It was SOOO cold on Saturday! We froze our tails off!
Below is a picture of Brody playing short stop! He was fun to watch! He got two hits and he struck out once! He did great!

Below is my oldest nephew Brian! He played first base! He was too cool to turn and say hi. Must be the almost twelve year old in him!

Today we celebrated Earth Day by making a fun little craft. Aaron is working hard!!

And there's Mike, trying to get done as quickly as he can! Then, when he was finished, he asked me if we could do another project!?!? Oh kids!

Mike's finished project!

Aaron's finished project!
We are having a great day and enjoying slightly warmer weather here! Grass is cut, weed wacker is broken, but other than that, it's a good day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We Made It!!!

We made it to the temple! It was PERFECT! The weather was gorgeous, the tulips were in full bloom and the Spirit was felt so strongly! It was the best experience going through with my mom for her first time!

Aunt Lauren watched the boys while we went in! Below is a pic (sorry it's sideways!) of Adam, Lauren, Mike and Aaron.

The next picture is of the couple missionaries who went with us. They are amazing people!

The last picture is my family! We had a great time!
With all that happened leading up to our trip, I honestly didn't think we would make it! But we did and I am happy! I just hope my momma's poor arm will heal and that we will make it back very soon!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Love to See the Temple

On Saturday, the Hubby, my mom and I will be going to the temple! I am soooo excited! This will be my mom's FIRST time and I am thrilled for her! The hubby and I haven't been there since we were married. :( But at least we made some changes and we are going now!
Below is a picture of my family, with my mom and the elders! The second elder from the left is one of the elder's that taught my mom! He's awesome!
I am excited to go and for my kids to experience the temple grounds! This will be Aaron's first time! So, we have a lot of catch up to do!
Got lots to do today! So nice out!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter

Easter was a great time for us this year! We celebrated a lot and made wonderful memories!
Below is a picture taken at my oldest brothers house the Sunday before Easter, which is when we celebrated with my family. My niece and nephew spent Easter day with their mom so we made our celebration early!! I LOVED my dress (my mom made it!!!!)! And me and all my boys wore purple! My hubby was a little concerned, but he looked great!
On Wednesday, March 27, we were the hosts to a missionary who was making his way home! He stayed with his mom and stepdad and we had a nice visit! He helped teach my mom the missionary discussions! He's awesome!
On Easter Sunday, we had the privilege of hosting all four of the missionaries and the senior missionary's daughter, husband and son. We had a BLAST!!! Laughing and making memories! That's what it's all about!!
I am hoping for spring here in PA and from the looks of the next two weeks, I may get my wish!!