Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy LAST Day of School!!!

So, Wednesday was the last official day of school for my niece and nephews so we decided to throw a little last day of school party!!!

Below is a picture of my oldest nephew Brian being a goofball!! He was the most suprised!! He ran up to me and jumped up and down!! I love him to pieces!

The next picture is of my niece Kara Sue! She is such a hamball!! She is as fearless as they get!! Beautiful and goofy is a wonderful combo for any little girl!

And then there is my little Aaron!! He is as fearless as his cousin! He jumps from tall places, dives into any activity head on, no holding back!!

Below is my other nephew Brody. He is a wonderful sweet little guy! He can have his moments, but is all around a nice kiddo!!! And he LOVED the doughnuts!!

Then there is my Mike! He truly has a heart of gold. He would give you ANYTHING just to see you smile! And he also loved the doughnuts!!

This next pic is very telling of who these kiddos are: silly, goofy, happy-go-lucky kiddos! I'm not sure what any of them are doing in this picture!! But I think it's funny!

We did waterballoons,

Sat on the gigantic rock pile,

Rode quads with cousin Markie and ran through the sprinklers!!!

We had good ole' almost free fun!!!

Did you do anything fun for the last day of school??
As always, thanks for stopping by!!!

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