Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fun at Ohiopyle!!

We had the greatest day on Saturday!!! We drove the 40 minutes down to Ohiopyle, PA. It was BEAUTIFUL!!

Actually, it was raining when we got there. Pouring...down...rain.

We sat in the car for about 20 minutes and it let up a bit so, we ventured out!!

We hiked and climbed rocks and threw rocks and visited the waterfalls. It is a BEAUTIFUL place!!

Below is a pic of me and my boys! They had so much fun!! Behind us is on of the waterfalls that are there. It's truly stunning.

The next picture is of my handsome hubby and my boys at the same waterfall. I love the sounds of the waterfall. So loud, but insanely soothing at the same time.

 Below is just a random pic of my Mike. He is such a handsome boy and ALWAYS ready to pose for a picture!!!!!

This pic is of the boys with these GIANT leaves that were as big as our faces!! We were on our way to Cucumber Falls, my FAVORITE place at Ohiopyle!!! 

And below is my favorite place!!!!!!!!! Cucumber Falls!! It is beautiful! I love it there!! The boys and I took our shoes off and waded to the little rock pile close to it and felt the wonderful mist coming from the falls. Just lovely!!!

It was a great, free, and fun day! I love spending time outdoors with my kiddos and hubby. I have always loved nature and this place is full of it! If you ever get the chance to visit, plan to spend the entire day there! You could get lost with how much there is to do!!!

Have a lovely Sunday!

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