Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love letter!

Dear Mr. Groundhog,

I don't know where you have been, but six more weeks of winter sounds CRAZY! You are from PA?? right??

Dear Husband of mine,

Thank you for letting me be the crazy, "productive", crafty, tired, over-exercising, scale-looking-three-times-a-day wife, and still loving me!!!

Dear M,

Thank you for doing your double digit math assignment ALL BY YOURSELF today and getting every single answer right! When did you get so smart??!!!

Dear little A,

Thank you for allowing M to get his math paper done all by himself ! You painted your letter G and loved every minute of it!! You and your brother are complete opposites when it comes to things like that and I love it!

Dear missionaries,

Thank you for traveling to teach my mom, nephews and nieces the gospel. You are wonderful and brave and I will feed you (bonus!!) I hope their hearts and minds will be receptive to the message you have planned and I hope you guys go home with a full belly!

Dear Spring,

Thank you for hanging out ALL through this winter! You must know that I love you and that's why you've decided to stay for a minute!

Dear Ruby,

Thanks for being a great dog and walking partner! I wouldn't want to walk by myself and your killer bark scares the pants of most people, even though you wouldn't hurt a fly!  I love ya Rubster!



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