Friday, February 10, 2012

Baptisms Gallore!

This is part of my family.

I love them so much! ALL of my nieces and nephews and my two boys!

Something VERY special happened tonight. The missioaries came over for their final discussion with my mom, my nephew (the one in yellow) and my niece (the one in red!).

Before we even started, my mom told my nephew to tell the missionaries the suprise! I was so excited when my nephew said,"We are getting baptized on the 25th! I could have died!

In TWO weeks, my mom, nephew and niece will all become members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ! I am beyond excited for her and the kids!

Having your very own testimony of the gospel is so important. It's what I have wanted for my mom for 12 years now! But I knew that it's not something to be forced. It is a slow, steady, wonderful process and when you have it, you KNOW it! That's how my mom said she felt!!!

So three of my family members are being baptized in two weeks, my son M is getting baptized in November (I can't believe he will be 8!) and my other nephew (the one in the green) will be baptized in December.

OH, how blessed I feel. I am grateful for my brother, who is not a member, for being such a great dad and allowing his children to follow their hearts. Takes a strong man to let go a little.

And to my mom, I love you. I am glad you found your own testimony and allowed the Lord to bless you with His gospel!!

And to ALL the missionaries serving everywhere, THANK YOU for all that you do! You will be forever in the hearts of those you serve! I will never forget the missionairies who taught me and helped change my life forever!

Have a wonderful night y'all!!!

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