Sunday, January 29, 2012

Super Sunday!

 We had a long, but fun day at church today! Adam couldn't go because he's been sick but the kiddos and I forged ahead!!!

In Primary, my nursery leader, Sunbeams teacher and CTR teacher were all missing today!! The dynamic duo that makes up my nursery leader and Sunbeams teacher are husband and wife and they had two sick little girls. :( I was sad not to see them!!! And my CTR teacher, who is also the primary music leader, was seeing her hubby off as he was going to basic training. I felt sad for her!! I would miss my hubbs terribly if he was going to be gone for so long! So, my first counselor and I filled every place that we could and we had fun!!! As weird as it sounds!!

Any who!!! Below is a craft that we did with the Primary that I found awhile ago in an old Friend magazine that I thought we be fun as a Valentine's Day challenge. Since Choose The Right is the theme for this year, I decided to set up a 14 day CTR challenge where I challenged each child to do at least one good thing a day. Then I gave their parents slips of paper where they could record one of their good deeds and put it inside the containers they made. Then in two weeks, we are going to record all their good doings! The kids were excited about this challenge! I hope they all succeed!!

This is a pic of M holding his container ( I don't know what else to call it!!!) All the kids had fun doing this!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday! I sure did!!!!!

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