Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Love letter

I was thinking about this blog and how I NEVER know that to post! I started this blog to record wonderful memories of what is happening in my life now. I always feel that nothing is all that exciting for me to post, but my day to day nothingness IS something. My boys are growing at a RAPID pace and I want to remember it all!! I also want to possibly encourage others. I know there are TONS of people out their that inspire me DAILY with their blogs. So i've decided to do something new!

It'll be called my Love Letters, to whomever I see fit to write them to!!

Dear M,

We worked hard in school today. You wrote the words "new" and "make" with glue and macaroni noodles and I was a proud momma at how quickly you are learning!

You are are great chef! I'm excited that you like to make your own chocolate milk! I am even more excited that you are willing, without being asked, to do the same for your little brother. You compassion for others warms my heart.....everyday.

Dear little A,

You are so sick today. Your nose has some major boogies coming out of it and your cough makes me wish I could take it from you. No fever which is good. But you are tough! You are playing Dragonball Z with your brother as we speak!!

Dear Adam,

I am SOOOO excited that you decided to go back to a normal work shift. You getting home at 3:00 pm is SO much better than you getting home at 11:00 pm!!

I am grateful that you work as hard as you do. I am happy to be a stay at home momma and to be able to teach our children. I am grateful for your support!

I love you three boys with all of my heart and soul and am grateful and looking forward to Eternity!!

Love you,

Mom (Naomi!)

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