Friday, November 18, 2011

My Loves!

Yes.....I downloaded all my pictures onto my computer and I am having a BLAST posting them for you to see!!!!

My two boys have been the most unexpected crazy things in my life!!
Unexpected because when I was young I never saw myself having children!
Crazy because I then met my hubby!! I didn't know I really wanted kids until I met the man I would spend eternity with!!!

I am completely and totally in love with all three of my guys and am oh-so very blessed for them!

Here's a pic of them at our local mall by their favorite thing.....the water fountain!!

Here they are on the train! They would have ridden it like a million times if I would have let them!! Look at those faces!!!!

Here they are on the railroad tracks behind my mom's house! They LOVE the trains and like watching them go by!!!

                                Here's my M, laying on a big old rock, sun blaring in his eyeballs, but he is as happy as always!!

             Little A didn't like the sun at all but I got an OK shot of him! I couldn't believe he sat still long enough to take this picture!

                                                           Here he is again!!!!!! So cute! I could squeeze him to pieces!

                                                                            Here's M! Being his happy silly self!

                                                                   M in the leaves! Always a poser for the camera!!

                           LOVE this pic of Little A! Of course I had to screw it up and chop his body out of the picture!!!!!

I truly feel blessed for what I have been given! I don't know what I would do with myself if they weren't a part of my life! They complete me!! (tear!)

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