Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine's Day Banner

Being that V-day is coming up very soon, I wanted to show the little banner and blocks that I made.

I made the hearts from some scrap cardstock and a heart stencil that I have. I like that it looks homemade! And I am very fortunate to have a brother who every once in a while throws me some unwanted lumber that I can use for my block making addiction! :)

I tried to stay away from all pinks and reds, seeing as I live with three guys! I love the green and blue touches! They make me happy!

And I was trying to think of a way to use up leftover candy canes so I made the little hearts hanging from the bottom. I still have NO idea why we buy candy canes?! We never eat them!

And below is just a random pic of my two boys making paper hearts for our windows. They love anything that has to do with glue!!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope everyone has a great day!!

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  1. I love your cute Valentine decorations! The candy canes are adorable:)