Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Super Mario PARTY!

On November 5, my son M turned 7!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it! When did he get so big?! Anywho...for many years I have been wanting to have a Super Mario party for M and his cousin little B. Little B's birthday is in December and he will be 7 too! CRAZY!!
I thought I would share a few pics from the extravaganza!!!!!!

Below is a pic of our very own Mario world! HOURS were spent cutting and gluing and taping but the result was awesome! The boys thoroughly enjoyed their own Mario world.

Here is a picture of the two birthday boys. Little B is on the left and my M is on the right. Don't quite understand the goofy faces but the pic made ME laugh!!!!!!

Here is Bowser's castle, at least an attempt at Bowser's castle! I wanted to get pics of the kids in front of it but did I take any?? NOPE! Oh well!!

And here is my favorite pic! All the kids with their chocolate mustaches! I was so excited when we were able to pull the chocolate and sticks from the wax paper and they didn't break! YEAH for a successful project!

And as you may or may not have noticed, there was not a single pic of little A! He wasn't with it on the party day! He was a sit by myself, leave me be, not feeling very well little guy! I felt bad! He even had his own Yoshi shirt!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my once -in- a- blue-moon posts!!

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