Thursday, August 25, 2011

Idlewild Park!

First off, let me apologize for the poor quality of the pictures!! I forgot my camera at home and had to buy a disposable. I was so bummed!! I just didn't want to miss any moments, bad pictures and all!!

For our anniversary, we decided to finally use the tickets we had for a super fun family park called Idlewild. It's a WONDERFUL family park. It was voted #1 Kids Park in the world!! (I think!! Either that or #1 family park!!) Any-who!! It is a great place!

The first pic is taken in a place called Storybook Forest. It has every nursey rhyme you can imagine as a walk through adventure. I don't remember the story behind the pumpkin but it was the boys favorite little house, so we had to take a picture!!

Here is little A trying to pull the sword from the stone!! He tried for a VERY long time and was extremely determined to pull the sword out!! He became a bit frustrated and then turned to M and said, "Your turn!!" I guess he wanted to see if M could do it!

 And here is M trying with all of his might to pull the sword out!! Little A is watching carefully, hoping his big bro can do it!! But M didn't have as much determination as Little A!! He quit in like two seconds and said, "I'm EXHAUSTED!" It was amusing!!

 Here is a pic of my wonderful hubby and the kiddos in front of the teapot house! My hubby is such a good sport!!

 And here I am with the boys throwing money in the well and making wishes!! M told me all of his wishes! I told him that your wishes are like secrets and you keep them to yourself. He then looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and asked, "What did you wish for Mom?" I guess he doesn't mind sharing his wishes!! He's a sweet guy! Little A didn't care about wishes! He just like throwing money in the hole!! Super funny!!

After Storybook Forest we went to the new wave pool they just put in this year. It was a blast!! I would have posted more pics, but it would take forever to scan them in!!

If you ever get the opportunity to visit PA and want a great place to go, check out There is so many wondeful things there! Besides all the rides there is miniature golf, a place called Racoon Lagoon for little kids to ride rides, a huge pool with a bunch of water slides, a place called Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, a circus, an old western looking town where you can sovenior shop and eat good grub and much much more!! It's a blast and I'm glad we got to go!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Oh I know the feeling...of forgetting my camera! It's dreadful! Only another blogger can understand! your pictures turned out fantastic! This looks like a super great place to take the kids...I will put it in our travel log...since it seems we are always on the road! =)

  2. Looks like everyone had fun! Don't like forgetting the camera - thankful that my iPhone takes okay pics!!