Monday, July 18, 2011

Saddle up!

I guess it's time to buck up and get ready because I have an entire herd to reign in!!! (Wow, that was a whole lot of twang there!! At least in my head there was!!)

Yesterday I was officially called as the primary president in our branch. (Primary president is "in charge" of the children in my church . Check out Woah. I always wondered what it would feel like if this ever happened. Once again I say....woah. I know most people probably feel the same way but there is no way to describe it. Scary, overwhelming(in a good way), exhausting (once again in a good way!), but fun!! I love the kiddos in our Primary. They are amazing. The knowledge they have and their love for the gospel overwhlems me!! I tear up pretty much every time they speak.
I love this gospel!! I especially love the children. 

Everyone wonders why there is so much excitement for me. I didn't grow up in the gospel. I joined when I was 18. I missed Primary and Young womens and jumped straight into Relief Society. Not that it's a bad thing, but I like experiencing it. Especially with my kiddos.

Anyone out there have any advice, PLEASE don't hesitate!! I am very open to any advice. I love all of you that follow this little ol' blog! You are all inspirational to me!!!!

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