Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm Dreaming of Christmas....already!!

Yes...it is true. Christmas is on my mind the day after it's over!!!! I have been thinking of more personalized gifts to give my children and A LOT of ideas came flooding to my mind!! But first, I want to share a couple of photos of my family.

Here is my hubby and M watching some local "pilots" fly their planes. It was fun, as you can see by M's face!! Little A is behind them, not paying much attention!!

And here is Little A, in all his glory! This is what he did while I was loading our dishwasher!! He looked so funny that I had to take a pic! What mom wouldn't????
And below, is my latest creation: the checkerboard. M and I were a the library and they have this hand painted checkerboard there that he loves. I thought, I could do that!! I wanted something that he could grow into that didn't look too kiddish, and this is what I came up with!!! I love it!!! I hope I can keep it a secret until Christmas!!! Now, what will I do for checkers???? I'm so excited to figure it out!!!
It was an absolutely gorgeous day here in PA!!! I mean, GORGEOUS!!!! Hope you all had a lovely day! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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