Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Craft/ homeschool wall!!!

Part of my business latley has been the creation of my WALL!!! I didn't take a before pic and I wish I would have!!! See the yellow color?? The whole room was yellow!! I wasn't crazy about it!!! So I took some paint that my mom had from painting her house and some of the colors from around my house and painted rainbow stripes on my wall!!! Can I just say how much I love it!! I didn't do the whole room because that would be crazy....right??! Plus half of the room is our T.V. room/ family room. We are looking to make our basement our living area but that will wait until next year!!
My wonderful hubby made the white shelves and I made the book/ picture ledges. I wanted areas to hang jars from and my hubby did it wonderfully!!! LOVE THEM!!! And the book ledges were made from some scraps I found at my brother's house! I saw them somewhere for $10 a piece and thought, hey I can do that!! They are awesome and my kids love them!!
This weekend, we are receiving a kitchen table from the in-laws and so we are making a desk for this wall by cutting our old table in half and smacking it on the wall. Hope it works!! Will definitely have to post pics of that project!! =)
Have a lovely day!! Stop back and drop me a line!!