Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Family!

This is a picture of my side of the family. I have three brothers...yeah! Living with three brothers made me tough at least. All my nieces and nephews are there. My brothers are the two tall bald ones and the one kneeling with the dogs. The man in the pink shirt is a friend of our family. The girl with dark hair on the left is my brothers, the one with the hat, girlfriend. The girl in the pink shirt is my little brothers wife. The beauty down on the end in the black shirt is MaDukes. And the two dogs are my That's what he says anyways. That's my family. I'll have to get a picture of Adams side of the family and post it too.

I love family. Even when it's hard, they are family. There is great comfort in that. None of my family members are members of the church like I am and that's OK. They support me now and that's all I need. Someday maybe I'll get them whipped into shape!!! Just kidding! The Lord leads and guides people in their own time. The time He had planned for me was perfect. It will be 10 years this August since I joined the church. I was ready for it. I didn't go looking for it. It found me. My husband introduced me to the church. I just felt it. You know what I mean? When every fiber of your being knows it's right even when your brain is trying to fight it. I'm still working on my testimony. All I know is that the church is true. Other religions have amazing truths to them as well, but we have the entire gospel in our grasps. It's amazing!! I was reading through my scriptures looking at the things I highlighted and it reassures me constantly that what I'm doing is right. I read about baptisms for the dead, Christ teaching in the Spirit World, and all the things that need to transpire before Christ comes again. It's happening and some don't see it. The Lord knows us each and knows the desires in our hearts. Keep your head up and your heart open! Amazing things will happen!
That's enough rambling!!! Thank you for stopping by and checking things out in my average ordinary life!!!!! Hope you are having a great day!!!!!

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