Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Making pinecone birdfeeders?!

These pictures crack me up!!! The boys are supposed to be making birdfeeders! I handed them the plastic knives to put the peanut butter onto the pinecones and this is what happened! I made the feeders and they ate the peanut butter! This is M showing just how much fun the activity was! YUMMO!!!!

This is a picture of little A loving the peanut butter! If you look closely, you can see bird seed on the knife! He grabbed by knife by mistake! Hey, whatever makes them happy.....right?

This is the finished product. At first there were no birds! After a day or two the birdfeeders were empty and our yard was full of birds!

It was a very fun and messy project. Also it is as cheap as can be. Just pinecones(I took them from my neighbors yard!), peanut butter and bird seed!! Wah lah! I hung them by string and they stayed put! We had a crazy storm the next day and they blew back and forth but never came off!!
Hope your day is as pretty as ours here in western PA!!! Have a great one!

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