Thursday, May 6, 2010

Be grateful, be humble, be prayerful.....

My three purposes...... they make me happy, happy, happy!!

Today was an eye opening day. I was brought face to face with something I wasn't expecting. I saw a person who is suffering from an illness that has no cure. This person is wonderful and doesn't ask for help. This person is giving up SSSOOOO much to live with this disease. It makes you humble. I instantly started thinking of my life and all the blessings that I have and how grateful I am to be healthy and living. How grateful I am that my husband and kids are well and that my family is doing well. I realized how many times a day I say "whoa is me" and how selfish I am. I think about me way too much and I need to put my focus on others. I was reading somewhere just recently about the Savior and what he did while he was here. It said something along the lines that He did not come here to be served, He came to do service. What an amazing thing!! In an article in the April 2010 "Ensign" magazine (you can find the article at ) entitled "Becoming a Quality Person" there is an awesome line that says,"Fill your life with service, education, personality development, love for all, and other such meaningful traits. Live with purpose each day." That's awesome! To live each day with a purpose. It could be teaching your children the gospel as a stay-at-home mama, doing service for someone who can't help themselves, helping your husband or wife become the people they want to be, or simply helping a neighbor by carrying in their groceries. The Lord knows each of us and what we are capable of. Live life with purpose. I will work on it too!!! This life is just a speck in the eternal aspects of things. All we are expected to do is live it with righteousness and follow the commandments!

Have a beautiful day!! Do something good to make yourself a more quality person!!

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