Monday, May 3, 2010

Homeschooling excitement!

I have been really buckling down and getting ready for the venture of homeschooling and I'm excitedly terrified...if that makes sense! What curriculum to use? Am I doing the right thing? Will M do well? Will little A let me help M when he needs it? All these crazy questions are running through my head CONSTANTLY!!! Then I start doubting myself. Then I become almost sad!!! Then I realize WHY I wanted to do this in the first place. I want my children to be incredibly intelligent. I want them to have one on one time and learn things they couldn't at school because of time constraints. I know that what I have taught M and little A are already sticking! Besides all these things, I know that it is right for US. It is what I've prayed about and felt is the best for us. I didn't always think I would homeschool. But the closer it got to M going to Kindergarten, the more I didn't feel right putting him in school. I pushed the feelings aside and thought that going to school was the best for M and the bad feelings got stronger! So here I go, diving head first into a venture that will change the lives of me and my boys forever! Pray for me!! I need it so very much!! Thanks for listening to my ramblings!!!

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  1. First....let me say that you can *totally* do this and it will be fantastic! You *will* have bad expect it...but 2 years ago, I was in the same place as you...questioning, wondering, nervous...but if you feel God is leading you to this...know that He will guide you through this journey! :) of all...when you have questions, there are loads of resources on the net! (As well as asking one of us homeschooling mamas!) If I can ever be of help, please feel free to email me!
    I wish you the best in your schooling journey! :)

    Also...I wanted to say how much you blessed me with your incredibly kind comment on my blog post today...Thank you! :)