Thursday, April 29, 2010

My chore charts

I love seeing everyone's ideas about chore charts and packets so I thought I would post mine!! My kids are some of the few that love doing chores. Especially M. He asks me in the morning about when we can do chores! I know it's crazy! Little A just wants to put stickers on the chart but he does his fair share for a 2 year old!!!

I just took a poster board and drew lines on it until I came up with enough slots to write their chores down on. Then I added the dates to the smaller squares and the stickers go on top of the dates. At the end of the week I will count their stickers and give them their allowance. It's seems pretty simple and it is. Simple just works better for me!

These kids are too funny! Yes my hubbie is holding up little A's head! He would say cheese and look down! M loves his chore chart. It's his favorite part of the day besides video games!!!!

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