Saturday, May 1, 2010

Little A's 2nd Birthday Party!

These are some pics from little A's birthday party at the request of MaDukes!! We had fun at little A's party. He was really sick though! We didn't even know if we could have the party and we had postponed it already before because of the move. But we made it!

Below is a pic of him opening his presents with the help of all of his cousins!! He didn't know really what to do which suprised me but it didn't take him long to get into the swing of things!!!

The next pic is of Big A whackin' the pinata! I didn't get a lot of pics of her so I definitely wanted to show her some how!! WOW what a hit! Do u like the garbage piled up in the corner? The party was about a week after we moved in. What was I thinkin'? Also we were very safe with the kids too. That's a copper pipe with electrical tape around it that she's using to hit the pinata. Awesome, huh?

The next pic is of the kids with MaDukes eating pizza. That's why little B's face had sauce on it in the other pic I posted before! I like big B's face! It's cool!
Well it was a fun party and I love doing them for my kiddos and everyone else's too.
I can't wait for Big B's party! He has a luau every year and it's a blast. I'll definitely post pics of that in July.
Have a great day! Remember to enjoy your kids while they are little! Help them become everything that the Lord wants them to be. They are amazing and fascinating to watch!
Well we have to get ready for Big B's game. It's not raining which is awesome so we're going to cheer him on! GO YANKEES!

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