Thursday, April 28, 2011

Special Little Spirit

My Little A. I love this boy so very much! As I sit here, house quiet, kids sleeping, hubby workin', I wonder, "Did I get to do ANYTHING with Little A today?" And I realize that it didn't happen. When he asked me to read him a book, I said WAIT! I said wait because I was cleaning the living room. WOW! How lame is that! What would it have taken, 5 minutes of my time to pick him up, hold him and read. What could have been 5 precious, memory making minutes. I let them go to waste. It makes me sad.

I get to spend time with M, watching him grow and learn as we homeschool. I congratulate him and high-five him. Little A looks at us and joins the celebration! He is such a sweet boy. I need to make the time. I need to forget the things that will be there tomorrow and hold tight to the little boy who is growing up each day and will soon be leaving my protective arms. I want both of my boys to take with them wonderful memories of a mother who actually took the time to be with them and planned her day for them.

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Matthew 6:21) I read this scripture and my heart dropped. Was my treasure truly the cleaning of my livingroom? At that moment, it was. That's crazy for me to think about. It actually hurts.

I turned 29 about two weeks ago and I set some goals that I would like to achieve or at least work on over the next year. They are things like read my scriptures for more than 5 minutes, lose weight, more righteously fullfill my calling at church, etc. NO WHERE on that list does it say, spend quality time with my kids daily. Well, that it changing tonight. It has to. As the only member of the church in my family, I constantly look for someone to help me raise my kids the way we are taught through the scriptures to raise them. I often feel like I am beating a dead horse. I am the chosen mother of the two special spirits I have. The Lord bestowed this awesome responsibility to ME.

Thanks for reading this and stopping by. I know it's personal, but I feel that if I share it, I will have support. I am grateful to the few who stop by and read. You are very encouraging and I am grateful for all of you.

Hope you had a wonderful day! (Excuse the picture! We were dying Easter eggs and it was a great memory so I posted it; even with me in it!!)

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  1. I think we sometimes as mothers need that gentle slap across the face to realize and remember what is truly important...I can't count the times older women have said to forget the house and just love my children while they are young and still, I forget.