Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beautiful day...

Just a quick little post tonight! I helped paint my brothers house this evening and I'm exhausted!! Good feeling to do some service though!!

Before my hubby and I painted, we attended a baptism. It was truly remarkable! The Spirit was so strong there and the young man that was baptized will make an awesome addition to our branch! =) I remember being baptized a little over ten years ago. I was a timid, shy 18 year old girl, scared to death of what I was getting myself into! The gospel absolutely changed my life for the better! I am stronger knowing who I am, and knowing my worth to a loving Father in Heaven! Being the only member in my family was the HARDEST part. They didn't understand and some of them still don't. When I got sealed in the temple, I devistated my whole family. Leaving my mom to go to the Washington, D.C. temple just about cracked me. I am glad I did what I knew was the right thing for me. Now my mom understands. She supports me and I love her for that!

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  1. I am SO HAPPY FORY YOU that you have been blessed with the gospel and a temple marriage! :D The gospel changes me constantly... I continue to pray that it will keep changing me for the better. :) ~ I'm so happy that your mom has come to understand and support your decision. Good for you for taking courage and doing what you knew God wanted for you, even before your family understood!