Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little A's 3rd Birthday Party!

Yesterday we celebrated Little A's 3rd Birthday!! It was a blast!! The pic below is a pic of my niece Big K, in the red, my nephew Little B and the back of my other niece Big A's head!! Big A is sporting the 3D glasses we got! The tablecloth, napkins, plates and treat bags were all 3D! They thought it was cool!!

This is a pic of M playing pin the tail on bullseye! You can also see the medals that each kid won after each game. My nephew Big B was the winner and got a certificate!! He was pretty excited!

Here is a pic of the kids playing Buzz Lightyear bowling in my messy basement! Little A is there, KICKING the ball at the pins! He would then run up and kick them all over! He loved it!

Here is me, Little A and Big B with Little A's new Jessie doll! He now has Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Lotso, Mr. Potato head, three aliens and Rex! He was the happiest kid ever, even though he doesn't look it in these pics! That's how he looks in every pic too!
And this is how Little A fell asleep on the couch! He had a balloon wrapped around his hand and he was sitting up!! It was the cutest thing ever! I didn't get a pic of him in his Woody jammies! He looked awesome! And M got army man jammies! They were very excited about the jammies! Oh and I love the broken blind in the window!! Little A likes to play with the blinds! Now they are busted! Oh well!

Overall, it was a fun day! Lots of fun and another year older! I am so very grateful and blessed for the role I have as Mother! It's a beautiful thing! =)

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