Monday, February 28, 2011

Feeling Lucky??

For Dr. Seuss day today, we painted a Hop On Pop picture and we will read the book tonight! It's one we already own and we love it! It will be a fun reason to read it again!

Below is a pic of M painting his picture, even though his paper towel is covering it!

There is Little A doing his FAVORITE activity in the world! He would paint until his hands fell off!!
Well, since I am BEYOND ready for spring and we had an awesome thunderstorm last night, I decided to bring a little "green" to our home with a cool LUCKY sign!! My wonderful hubby cut a bunch of 2x4's up for me. He cut them 5,6 and 7 inches in length. After a quick sanding, I painted them the two green colors below. Then I allowed it to dry.

Then, I printed out the word lucky on my computer, made some "stencils" and traced the letters onto the blocks. I also found a cute shamrock shape and did the same. I then very slowly painted the letters and the shamrocks on the blocks. I LOVE THEM and I love the way they look on my shelf!!

I am so excited for spring and for the other blocks I will be making for Easter and Spring and memorial day and...well you get the picture!! I am a holiday and birthday FANATIC!!!
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


  1. This just made me laugh... with delight. :) Your craft looks great, and I think it is neat that you had so much fun making it. I remember those days! I need to do something crafty again. ;) I NEED to scrapbook!!!! :O

    PS I am a Mormom Home-schooling mom of boys, too. I also have a daughter, but she is about to go to college. Isn't Home-schooling great? :D

  2. so cute..newest follower from link party.. would love a visit and follow back... laura

  3. I love it! I like how it is simple because then that means that I could actually do it. I am so not a crafty person. :o)