Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's been a while!!

My absence is for good reason!!! My older brother, Josh, fell from a tree in our front yard and shattered his wrist, fractured his pelvis and had a lot of bumps and bruises. He fell on the 29th of August and has been in the hospital since. He had to be life flighted to a hospital in Pittsburgh because they thought he had internal bleeding. He was in the clear with that. He has has five surgeries on his wrist and has to stay off his legs for 8 weeks. If you know my brother, that is torture. He owns his own construction business and a fractured pelvis and shattered wrist isn't good for business. He has rods and pins in his wrist and on the outside as well. All he was doing was trying to help us cut down the rest of our tree!! And to make it worse, it was the first Sunday he had been at church in a while. I told him he shouldn't be working on a Sunday! =) Well, that's where I've been. Hopefully the Lord will bless him with a full healthy recovery.

Have a glorious day! It's beautiful here in Western PA!

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