Monday, April 22, 2013

Baseball and Earth Day

Baseball started this weekend for my nephews Brian and Brody! I love it! It was SOOO cold on Saturday! We froze our tails off!
Below is a picture of Brody playing short stop! He was fun to watch! He got two hits and he struck out once! He did great!

Below is my oldest nephew Brian! He played first base! He was too cool to turn and say hi. Must be the almost twelve year old in him!

Today we celebrated Earth Day by making a fun little craft. Aaron is working hard!!

And there's Mike, trying to get done as quickly as he can! Then, when he was finished, he asked me if we could do another project!?!? Oh kids!

Mike's finished project!

Aaron's finished project!
We are having a great day and enjoying slightly warmer weather here! Grass is cut, weed wacker is broken, but other than that, it's a good day!

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