Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Freezer Cookin'

Well, since I am officially obsessed with Pinterest, I figured I may want to give some of the ideas a whirl!!

I decided to try my hand at freezer cooking. And after about 5 hours of work, I ended up with 20+ meals!! WOHOO!!

I am pretty tired and after a good floor cleaning and two dish washer loads later, I am done. I even made some amazing gravy from the roast drippings in one of the recipes!! Yummo!!

Below are just some of the recipes I made! Haven't tasted any of them yet! But boy they smelled and looked great!!

Above is pepper steak

Above is italian beef

Then some steak fajitas

Above is beef stroganoff

And the last picture is of my silly boys!!!!!!!!!! They didn't want a smiley picture so they did a silly one!!

So, that's been my day!!!! I hope your days are lovely and full of goodness!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

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