Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mirror re-do and EASTER fun!

Been crazy busy lately! The blog is always negelected when that happens!!

Anywho... below is a mirror my brother was going to throw away...gasp!! I know! i had to save it from the dump!! So i sanded it..

And painted it brown!!! It's not completely done yet, but I like it a lot!!

And now for more exciting pics!! Below is my Little A, Easter morning, all ready for church! I love this picture because I never get a good pic of him!!

I'm also excited because I made the vest and tie! Little ole me! My very FIRST attempt at sewing anything but a straight line!! Very exciting stuff!

Then there's my M! Looking as dashing as ever!! All ready for church!!

Also made his vest and tie! Yeah me!

Here is a pic of most of the kiddos! Look how lovely, all excited after church! 

And the pic below is from the Saturday before Easter when we had our egg hunt! All the kids were accounted for! Some of their heads got chopped off taking this pic, but it's the best we could do!!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! I love any excuse to get all of the kiddos together and have some fun!

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