Wednesday, March 9, 2011


To all the wonderful new people who have decided to follow little ole me, I say THANKS! I am learning very much thanks to the blogging world and am very grateful to those of you who stop by!!

I learned to put a button on my page! That was HUGE for me (I know pathetic, but huge for me nonetheless)! I did my very first link up thingy yesterday and that was FUNNO!! I love new ideas and I hope that you will always stop by and visit so we can learn from each other!

If it isn't raining where you are, I'm jealous! It just won't stop raining!! I shouldn't complain...I'm the first one come summer to complain about the lack of rain! Can't it just be 70 degrees and sunny?! Like Pleasantville?!

Thanks again for stopping by!! Have a lovely day!


  1. You're more than welcome, Naomi! Just returning your kindness!! :)

    Thank you for putting my button up, you're so sweet! :)

    It's not raining here at the moment. I actually live in a "Pleasant"ville, of sorts, haha. :D


  2. Just popped in from to say thanks for visiting me!!