Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Getting ready!!

Today I decided to start making a schedule for little A's tot school. I know that while I'm helping M with his school work that little A is going to need to be busy. So I decided to search the web and found some awesome sights that I got encouragement from!! I want little A to get a head start and learn as M does. He's a smart little boy and I want him to get ahead a little bit. I found worksheets and book ideas and calendar time ideas and I'm pleased with all of it!! So very excited!! I am becoming more and more comfortable with the decision we made to homeschool :) A mother I know is trying to search around for an affordable preschool and she is struggling! I don't have to worry about that! I'm so excited to be doing it at home! I'm grateful to the wonderful mom's out there who are willing to share their ideas with others! Amazing job!!

Some of the sites I looked at are :


Check them out for your little ones whether you are homeschooling or not! Amazing stuff for kiddos!! Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you had a wonderful day!

A very Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law!!!

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