Monday, June 28, 2010

Things to think about!

A picture of our bedroom. I'll have to post a new one with the red in it!!

I said before about wanting to learn new things and how to be more efficient, so I kind of started today! I was looking through old fabric and found old red pillow cases that I made before. I think I'm going to be THRIFTY and reuse them in my bedroom. My bedroom is a pretty blue color and has cream too but I wanted to add a little more color. So my hubby and I decided to use red as an accent color. So the pillows should work out perfectly! I'm still trying to turn this little house into a more comfy home. Fill it with things about us that make us and everyone who enters feel at home. I love my family and my hubby for providing us with the home! I love the Lord and all the talents He has given to my hubby so he is able to provide for us!
Have a great day and I hope it's not as humid for you as it is here in PA!!! Blah!!

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