Monday, June 21, 2010

Ho hum hot day!

Well, I did something Saturday that I haven't done in a while! I went swimming at a PUBLIC pool and got a killer sunburn!!! I'm still feeling it today!!! Everytime I go outside, the sun feels like it's burning a hole through my shirt! My poor boys looked at me like I was CRAZY!! Anyways, I'm getting wicked excited for my days of teaching at home with my kiddos! I know it's not for everyone and that's OK! I'm just getting myself to the point where I am confident in our decision and that's that!!!

I got a new calling working with the kiddos in Primary!! I was scared silly at first, but I think that it will help prepare me for my at home teaching duties! It's a blessing in disguise!!

Thank you to anyone who may stumble upon this and read! I tend to ramble and say nonsense things but that's me!!! Have a beautiful day!!!

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