Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One step closer!

Today Adam and I took M to a seminar for the cyber charter school we have looked into for him. Not exactly homeschooling but it has amazing curriculum. We were so impressed with the program that we signed him up! We are thrilled and so is M. It feels better to have made this step forward. They have all of the basic programs for Kindergarten kids and a bunch of extras. After we get started we are going to participate in a little chef program. M has always had a thing for cooking and being in the kitchen. He was thrilled when we told him about it and he's even more excited that he will get a chef hat!

Through all of this I have discovered that all the decisions you make have an affect on those around you. They may be tough decisions, but you don't have to make them on your own. Pray! Pray and ask Heavenly Father for his advice. His opinion is all that truly matters! People may not like your ideas and plans for life but that's just life! I know that within my own family nobody agrees on the same thing. It is a rare occasion! But that's OK! Heavenly Father gave us the right to choose what is correct for each of us in our own circumstances! That's an amazing blessing! Do what is right in your own heart! Do what is pleasing to the Lord! You will be blessed for it!

Have a great day! Hope your's isn't as wet as mine!! The rain is back!!!

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